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The RVV.NL is located in the: Center of AmsterdamWest Amsterdam


Author driving lesson 1 hour €48
Autor driving lesson benefit package 10.5 hours €480
TT Intermediate test CBR Exam €199
Practical test CBR Exam €289

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✅ Customers rate us with a 9.7!
✅ CBR success rate of 96%
✅ Use of motorcycle clothing from helmet to boot


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Haarlemmerplein 41
1013HR Amsterdam

RVV.NL reviews

The motorcycle world took some getting used to, it all works a little differently. I do recognize aspects of the writers of the bad reviews but there are opportunities. Finally, RVV also gets people who can’t learn it anywhere else, which is saying something too. It ended up costing more time and money than anticipated but in retrospect I can never feel bad about it. There is a very good foundation in it to become a good motorcycle rider. RVV is at the top end of the CBR exam with their training. I am very grateful to everyone at RVV for that! Going up is also almost always succeeding. I will never forget the most frequently asked question: why did you do that? (haha) It’s a question I can now ask myself in traffic. Let’s not beat around the bush, riding a motorcycle is pretty dangerous so your best chance of surviving is a good education! You can buy a good motorcycle anywhere, a good education certainly cannot. My tip is: Don’t buy an all-in package anywhere then you are free to do what you want, that gives a lot of space and rest with yourself. Thanks again to Guido, Tess, Marcel, Ritchie, Bob, Rob and Nikki.

Author: Rob
Rating: 5
Date: May 9, 2022

I received a trial lesson at RVV as a gift. It was a match made in heaven. As a father of young twins, safety is very important to me, after all, you are vulnerable on a motorcycle. Everything is aimed at making you a safe & sporty motorcyclist. And I succeeded, I just passed! Because of all the lessons and tips, I am full of self-confidence on the bike. Thanks Marcel, loved your lessons!

Author: Paul Kangangi
Rating: 5
Date: April 21, 2022

RVV is a teaching machine on steroids…. vague communication…. I really tried at RVV, went way over budget and explicitly asked for a good explanation because I didn’t have a car license, then I continued my lessons elsewhere and got my AVD at another school in 1 month. RVV puts safety first and that is good, but clear communication is not important.

Author: Bea Colette
Rating: 1
Date: March 2, 2022

I left my old driving school after failing my AVD twice. During my lessons at RVV I realized that I had missed so much knowledge and that I was even glad that I did not accidentally pass my exam. I learned every single lesson at RVV! From the broad basics to more and more details. Safety really comes first here! I share that vision and therefore passed with great confidence! Marcel is open to a substantive discussion and no question is too crazy. Learning is necessary and there is definitely time for some socializing. Marcel is very honest and direct. If you can handle that, there is a lot to learn here! RVV, definitely recommended!!!

Author: Maurice Jantjes
Rating: 5
Date: January 9, 2022

After passing my AVB exam with a driving school that I found through Groupon, I decided to switch to another driving school. I absolutely do not recommend Groupon. It seems too good to be true and it is. Instructors give you as little attention as possible and try to sell you as many lessons as possible. This week I did a trial lesson at driving school RVV. After a warm welcome by Marcel and Michel, I was put on a simulator together with another student. In the 1.5 hours that I sat on this simulator, I have already learned more than in all those hours of lessons at the other driving school. After Marcel was reassured that we would be safe enough on public roads we were allowed to go for a drive on two new Honda’s. Because of the other riding school, I had lost the pleasure in riding my bike. Fortunately, that is now completely back! In short: at RVV, you get a lot of pleasant personal attention and you will really learn how to drive safely. These people have a passion for motorcycling and that is noticeable! Marcel and Michel, thanks a lot!

Author: Daniël Binsbergen
Rating: 5
Date: December 21, 2021

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a motorcycle riding school. Lots of personal attention, with every lesson very useful tips given during and after the lesson. Here was always good time taken. The atmosphere is pleasant, never had the feeling that you are just a ‘number’. The owner of the school is a nice man, always willing to think and act with you when you are in unforeseen situations.

Author: Hitasau Tetelepta
Rating: 5
Date: November 22, 2021

RVV is very keen to have an unrealistically high success rate (see CBR figures: anything over 90% I would not trust if I had to choose again). RVV makes you take lessons for a very long time and only becomes more flexible when you start nagging a little, but not much, and eventually lets you take the exam (25 to 50 lessons (avb + avd), I also heard from others). This is mainly due to the owner who has to approve you “highly personally” before you can get on. At first a friendly guy, but when he teaches you or “judges” he is impatient and doesn’t know how to explain everything. The other two instructors I have had were very good. Still, I would prefer to have only 1 instructor. Finally, the owner, who always gives at least a few lessons, is not on a motorcycle but in a car. Which creates problems with judging and following.

Author: Jan Jaartsma
Rating: 1
Date: October 9, 2021

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