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The Driving School DenK.NL is located in the: Center of AmsterdamNorth AmsterdamWest Amsterdam


Practical Driving Lessons

Intake lesson 90 minutes €49
Driving lesson (manual car) 60 minutes €62.50
Driving lesson (automatic car) 60 minutes €62.50
10 Driving lesson package 60 minutes (price per lesson) €57.50
Practical exam CBR * €122.50
Re-examination CBR (if needed) * €122.50
1st testing R.I.S. by instructor €57.50
2nd testing R.I.S. by instructor €57.50
3rd testing by examinator CBR (T.T.T.) * €122.50
(*) Practical exam + extra driving lesson, insurance, car and instructor €156.75

Practical Driving Lessons

Theory exam in English CBR €59
Theory course in English €99
Theory course + exam in English €158

Theory Learning Material

Theory 15 hour online internet exam package €62.50
Learning to drive – theory traffic regulations €24.95

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✅ The possibility of planning your lessons yourself using our online planning
✅ A high quality driving course
✅ Always the same certified teacher
✅ A no nonsense working method
✅ You only take your driving test when you are completely ready
✅ Highly motivated and very patient instructors
✅ Theory courses and theory exams



Driving school Amsterdam Centre

De Clercqstraat 17Hs
1053 AA, Amsterdam

Driving school Amsterdam West/Baarsjes

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 72 2-4
1056 GM, Amsterdam

Driving school Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Piarcoplein 1
1043 DW, Amsterdam

Driving school Amsterdam-Noord

Schoorsteenvegerpad 11
1033 ZZ, Amsterdam

Driving School DenK.NL reviews

Asim is a thoughtful, effective and honest instructor. Highly recommended for new as well as expereinced drivers.

Author: Jonathan Reis
Rating: 5
Date: May 30, 2022

Not a good school for experienced drivers. Instructor was great and professional. Office responsible for planning and booking everything was rude, unprofessional and immature. Some of the worst customer service I've ever had. I did not choose a standard lesson package and they made sure to punish me for that, yet they happily took my money. They provided vague communication, refused to take my calls and discuss next steps after my first exam. What I discussed with the instructor after my exam was not communicated to the office. The office then told me why I failed, listing all types sorts of irrelevant reasons. I asked if they spoke to the instructor about my test results, they said no, which shows their motivation being "I told you so", rather than working with me to make things right. If you have needs that might not follow their exact way (i.e. experience driving, in a rush/pressure to get it, or just need some flexibility), find another school, there are plenty of professionals out there that appreciate your time, discuss things in a respectful way, and help you figure out a good plan that works for you.

Author: Tom Thayer
Rating: 1
Date: April 20, 2022

Amazing driving school! The team is super professional and responsive; and Carlos’ teaching is the best ?

Author: Mia Mandineau
Rating: 5
Date: April 4, 2022

Highly recommended for non dutch speakers, everything was done in english at a high standard. Good support for the Theory and practical examination.

Author: Henry Bonaert
Rating: 5
Date: March 31, 2022

People who are serious about their driving lessons , please do not deal with this driving school . Staff at the office is really unprofessional they don’t do their job communication very bad .

Author: Ilyas Belhaj
Rating: 1
Date: March 18, 2022

I took lessons with Carlos and had a very good experience. He clearly knows what is important to focus on learning and practicing, and helped me succeed in the exam.

Author: J Plaza
Rating: 5
Date: March 9, 2022

I give five stars for the driving lessons, not the study book. Carlos tjen-a-tak is an excellent driving teacher and really takes the time to make sure you learn all you need. He is relaxed, professional, and flexible with appointments. Had maybe 12 or 13 lessons and then passed the test on my first attempt. Thank you Carlos and RijDenkSchool

Author: Big Riich
Rating: 5
Date: February 1, 2022

I recommend this school. The school have a decent app where I was able to plan my lessons, this way aI had a nice agile agenda for my lessons. One full day theory course was also good addition to a book. And a big thanks to my driving instructor Farooq. He is a great professional. Like a coach, he was paying good attention on what and how I do things, explained to me not only what routines I should do (like checking blind spots or giving priority), but also why and how they work. He let me do all the mistakes myself in a safe manner, and reacted only when it was really neccessary, so I could see things work in practice and learn from my own mistakes before I will go to road on my own. (and that's not something you get from any instructor – a friend of mine was complaining that his instructor was braking as soon as he was doing something wrong, which is completely boring and annoying in the same time). In general, the lessons were full of fun and joyful riding, and I was always looking forward for an every next lesson. And, in the end, I not just passed the driving exam from a first attempt, but I also feel ready to hit the road. Good luck!

Author: Alex Hasselbach
Rating: 5
Date: September 27, 2021

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