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The Motorcycle school Motorvaardig is located in the: North Amsterdam



Trial lesson/ intake (100 minutes) €55
Single lesson of 90 minutes €80
5 lessons (5x 90 minutes) €375
10 lessons (10x 90 minutes) €750


AVB exam €165 All-in*
Retake Exam €155
AVD exam €265 All-in*
Retake Exam €240
*All-in includes costs for motorcycle rental and guidance instructor. Theory exam you can easily book yourself: CBR costs: € 33.
Your Health Statement you can easily apply for yourself: CBR costs € 37.80.


Package “Racer” Package “Enduro” Package “Cruiser”
€1175 €1499 €1925
10 lessons (10x 90 min) 15 lessons (15x 90 min) 22 lessons (22x 90 min)
AVB exam AVB exam AVB exam
AVD exam AVD exam AVD exam
All packages are expandable with a 5-lesson or 10-lesson card.

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✅ You get more insight into conscious motorcycling, and therefore more motorcycling fun.
✅ Because of the small groups there is a lot of personal attention for you as a student.
✅ Even very experienced riders, who thought beforehand ‘what can they teach me?’ are very enthusiastic about the way of confronting their own positive and negative (driving) behavior.


Loggerhof, box 117 (startlocatie)
​De Banne-Zuid

06 577 437 53

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