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The Driving School Royalty is located in the: New-West AmsterdamWest Amsterdam


Trial lesson of 80 minutes €60
Lesson of 80 minutes €70
Motorcycle use during an exam €50
AVB exam €190
AVD exam €290
EXPERT package 7 x 80 minutes + AVB & AVD Exam €899
BASIC package 13 x 80 minutes + AVB & AVD Exam €1249
ROOKIE pack 20 x 80 minutes + AVB & AVD Exam €1599
Extra package 5 x 80 minutes €300

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✅ A good name at the CBR of Amsterdam.
✅ High Success rate, both in theory and practice.
✅ A driving school that is flexible, one of the few driving schools where you can pay the packages in installments.


Jan Tooropstraat 83
1061 AA, Amsterdam


Driving School Royalty reviews

After a bad experience at another driving school that wanted to exploit me for more lessons I had gone here, stating that I already had a motorcycle at home and so wanted to get my license ASAP. Soufian immediately scheduled me for several days a week and I ended up getting my avb + avd within two and a half weeks (during peak season!).
Top driving school with an exceptionally good instructor, who quickly identifies what you’re struggling with so you get concrete instructions that help you improve.

Author: Karan Gharbharan
Rating: 5
Date: June 11, 2022

Very nice and clear guidance. Everything went very smoothly and I passed every exam in one go. You can really tell that the instructor knows what he is talking about! Very good experience, highly recommended.

Author: Imane Khiri
Rating: 5
Date: June 9, 2022

My experience at Rijschool Royalty, is in one word; WONDERFUL! The clear explanation of all exercises and feedback from the instructor Soufian was very nice! I had never sat on a motorcycle before but because of the pleasant atmosphere I felt completely at ease. I passed my theory exam, avb exam and avd exam all in 1 x in 3 months time!

Author: cat van graaf
Rating: 5
Date: May 22, 2022

Got my motorcycle license within a short time. Soef Souf is flexible with his schedule and gives clear instructions to get your license in one go. So if you want to learn how to drive properly and get your license in a short time, you are definitely at the right place.

Author: Michael Warmenhoven
Rating: 5
Date: April 19, 2022

Royalty doet z’n naam waar! Altijd met veel plezier en enthousiasme de rijlessen gehad. Goede uitleg, structuur en ruimte of fouten te maken. Er is tijd voor een grapje tijdens het lessen door, wat de druk lekker laag houdt en waardoor je beter presteert. Al met al zou ik iedereen die opzoek is naar een rijschool, waar je je op je gemakt voelt, Royalty aanraden!!

Author: Said Barghouti
Rating: 5
Date: February 15, 2022

Top driving school! Instructor gives clear instructions and advice on your driving style that really helps you. I got my A1 and A2 here in 1x and will definitely get my A license here too!

Author: Nichano Kocuvie-Tay
Rating: 5
Date: February 1, 2022

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