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The Driving School Ohema is located in the: Southeast Amsterdam


General Packages

Package 1 10 lessons €490 (excl. exam) €775 (incl. exam)
Package 2 20 lessons €980 (excl. exam) €1265 (incl. exam)
Package 3 30 lessons €1470 (excl. exam) €1755 (incl. exam)
Package 4 40 lessons €1960 (excl. exam) €2245 (incl. exam)

General price list

Refresher course (6 lessons) €276
Single driving lesson 60 minutes €51.50
Trial lesson 45 minutes €45
CBR Practical Examination €285
Intermediate Test (TTT) €175

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✅ Driving lessons in a responsible and calm way, so you feel safe behind the wheel.
✅ A women friendly driving school that pays attention to an environmentally conscious driving style


Tel: 06 – 42 59 12 08
E-mail: ohema05@gmail.com

Driving School Ohema reviews

I followed a refresher course. Mrs. Ohema took her time and gave good tips. It was always pleasant in the car with fun and interesting conversations. I have gained more self-confidence on the road.
I would definitely recommend this driving school!

Author: Yasemin Ozkan
Rating: 5
Date: May 22, 2022

Best driving school in Amsterdam. I just passed my exam with Ohema and she is exceptional at teaching. She teaches you the best and safest way to drive and pass the exam and is very patient. Highly recommend anyone who wants to drive with Ohema. She is an excellent driving instructor.

Author: Tsagli Samuel
Rating: 5
Date: April 26, 2022

Ms. Ohema teaches you to go on the road with confidence. She teaches you how to drive professionally quickly. A very sweet lady who not only makes sure you are driving quickly, but really makes sure you are a good driver of public roads.
Professional and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this driving school.

Author: Carely Taylor
Rating: 5
Date: January 24, 2022

Ms. Ohema is a very/good instructor. She explains exactly what you need to know and also makes it very enjoyable in the car. She also tells you what went well and what you can do better. She gives the instructions in a calm manner so you do not get stressed. I would definitely recommend driving school Ohema.

Author: balequavi
Rating: 5
Date: January 13, 2022

Very good experience with Ms. Ohema..After years of driving in Suriname where it is left-hand traffic with less (complicated) roads there, I succeeded through the skill and professionalism of Ms. Ohema to obtain my license in 1 time.Top woman!

Author: Serge Valpoort
Rating: 5
Date: January 9, 2022

Ik heb een opfriscursus gevolgd bij Ohema, en het was leuk. Ze's een leuke gekke dame :), ervaren, geduldig, punctueel, geeft goed advies. We hebben een paar keer dezelfde route gereden, maar op verschillende manieren, snelweg inbegrepen. Ik Citroyen C3 handgeschakeld is de auto. Ik beveel haar school volledig aan.

Author: Tony Neculai
Rating: 5
Date: December 26, 2021

I greatly enjoyed my driving lessons with Ohema. She not only taught me how to be a good, confident driver, but also gave me valuable advice for driving well beyond the exam and being social on the road.
She was also very patient and careful with her words, which is something I highly valued, and helped me get rid of my initial fear of driving very quickly.

Author: Marie Debarbieux
Rating: 5
Date: June 21, 2021

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