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The Driving School Meteoor is located in the: New-West AmsterdamWest Amsterdam


Authority Lessons Packages

Trial lesson 60 min. 30,00
Intakeles 120 min. 75.00
Loose lesson 60 min. 55.00
Mini package 10 x 60 min. + exam 760.00
Package A 15 x 60 min. + exam 1005,00
Package B 20 x 60 min. + trial exam and exam 1315.00
Package C 25 x 60 min. + trial exam and exam 1570.00
Package D 30 x 60 min. + trial exam and exam 1825.00
Package E 35 x 60 min. + trial exam and exam 2080.00
Package F 40 x 60 min. + trial exam and exam 2335.00

Emergency courses

Intake lesson 120 min. 75.00
8 days 21 hours driving lesson + trial test and exam 1366.00
10 days 27 hours driving lesson + trial test and exam 1672.00
12 days 33 hours driving lesson + trial test and exam 1978,00
13 days 36 hours driving lesson + trial test and exam 2131.00


Intermediate trial exam 70.00
Intermediate test CBR 185,00
CBR Examination 249,00
CBR Examination fear of death 297,00
BNOR exam 267,00
BNOR exam for fear of failure 315.00

Re-examination Packages

Package A1 5 x 60 min + exam 490.00
Package B1 7 x 60 min. + exam 590.00
Package C1 10 x 60 min. + exam 740.00

Freshening course

Fresh refresher course I 3 x 60 min. car “driving lesson” 156.00
Refresher course II 5 x 60 min. car “driving lesson” 255.00
Refresher course III 7 x 60 min. car “driving lesson” 350.00

BNOR Examination Packages

Package A2 5 x 60 min + Bnor exam 503.00
Package B2 7 x 60 min + Bnor exam 605.00
Package C2 10 x 60 min + Bnor exam 760,00
Package D2 12 x 60 min + Bnor exam 863,00
Package E2 15 x 60 min + Bnor exam 1017,00

Trailer (E-B)

Intake lesson 120 minutes 90.00
Loose lesson 60 minutes 70,00
Exam CBR 275.00
Day share training 4 hours lesson + exam 495.00
Day course 6 hours lesson + exam 635.00
2 days training 11,5 hours lesson + exam 965,00

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✅ Driving school Meteoor already 25 years the best in Amsterdam
✅ Online learning theory


Anderiessenstraat 26-28
1067 PT Amsterdam (Geuzenveld)

(020) 611 84 03
06 108 17 684


Driving School Meteoor reviews

I Can recommend this driving school to everyone! I took a crash course for my car license at meteor, Sebas was my instructor. His teaching method is clear, lots of patience and a calm way of instructing.
I also recommend everyone to take the intermediate test in the package, this gives a nice taste of the real exam and you can get exemption for your special operations!

The schedule was adjusted to my working hours, so I could easily combine the crash course with my work. Many thanks to the team!

Today I passed my practical exam in one go!

Author: Milada Eylers
Rating: 5
Date: June 10, 2022

Very bad instructor Imraan Ahmed, I was for a motoor trial lesson and the instructor did not have any corrections ease to me and was already angry the whole time, not normal. Also the secretary at the front desk wanted to give me more payments from the spoken 60e x 1 trial lesson, she wanted 81e for 60 minutes lesson!!! was crazy when you look at the website it says and trialless motoor 90 minutes 54e so they are scammers!!! don’t do it !!! I am really surprised how slceht they are with people and with the treatment of the empire school I am never going to recommend to anyone.

Author: Frank Munoz
Rating: 1
Date: May 26, 2022

I am very satisfied with Nick as an instructor. He is patient, sociable, always positive, gives you confidence and puts you at ease. He is always on time (and if there is a traffic jam, he lets you know right away), responds quickly to phone calls and adjusts the lesson well to the improvement/practice points of the student. Before I went to Nick, I had two other driving schools and therefore different instructors. I would definitely recommend Meteor!

Author: Daphne van Eden
Rating: 5
Date: April 18, 2022

Fine dealings with driving instructor, until her number changed and I couldn’t get hold of her. Finally, she was suddenly no longer working at Meteor, even though she had promised to call me after I failed. Meteor had promised me that I would get the confidence and self-assurance here and succeed, nothing of the sort. I was let down when the going got tough. Stupid choice to go into business with them, bye moneys.

Author: Jeany verh.
Rating: 1
Date: March 19, 2022

Best driving school ever, great team also behind the scenes so the planning etc were continuously well organised. Always think with you and try to find the best solution for everything together with you!!! I recommend this driving school to everyone. I had my own lessons with Otman a very relaxed driving instructor … takes the time has a lot of patience and explains everything well and clearly. I wish everyone a driving instructor like him sincerely! Today I passed my practical exam in one go! I am super happy and still can not quite realize it.

Author: Ebeney Reekers
Rating: 5
Date: February 16, 2022

After a long journey with another driving school, I came to Meteor and Imraan as a driving instructor. At that time I had very little self-confidence and I didn’t like driving at all anymore.
In 6 weeks time he taught me many things and most importantly: I had fun and confidence again! I passed in 1x.
The head office Meteoor is easy to reach and thinks well. I will recommend this driving school to everyone!

Author: Nina de Ligt
Rating: 5
Date: January 10, 2022

Thanks to Methap her clear instructions and the confidence she gives you I passed in 1 go!!! Thanks to Methap and thanks to Meteor for arranging my practical exam quickly and well!

Author: Cindy van Miltenburg
Rating: 5
Date: September 21, 2021

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