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The Driving School Kruising is located in the: North Amsterdam


Package A €720 10 Driving lessons 60 min Practical Exam
Package B €1149 20 Driving lessons 60 min Practical Exam
Package C €1369 25 Driving lessons 60 min Practical Exam
Package D €1599 30 Driving lessons 60 min Practical Exam
Package E €2049 40 Driving lessons 60 min Practical Exam Free Trial Lesson
Package Retake €530 6 Driving lessons 60 min Practice test at a discount Examination date in 2 weeks
Individual Driving lessons €48 Individual Driving lessons 60 min No fixed obligations Possibility to get your driver’s license accelerated
Proefles €35 60 min No fixed obligations

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✅ No waiting list: start immediately
✅ Friendly, patient and competent instructor with whom you feel comfortable
✅ Lots of personal attention and guidance
✅ Practice different exam routes
✅ You will learn to drive well, safe and independent
✅ The use of instruction cards
✅ Offer different packages that always fit you
✅ Never more lessons than you need
✅ No more lessons than you need
✅ (Woman) friendly driving lessons
✅ VRB-recognized driving school




Mastbos 59 1025DD Amsterdam

Driving School Kruising reviews

I was able to get my driver’s license thanks to Erhan. He taught me everything and is very attentive to his students. Erhan is very patient and explains things so well that you can’t go wrong. I will personally recommend this driving school to everyone!

Author: Loubna Loubna
Rating: 5
Date: June 8, 2022

Thanks to the pleasant but super instructive lessons of Erhan I passed my practical exam in 1 time. This is a very good driving school with quality lessons. Highly recommended!

Author: Rajae Bouchaar
Rating: 5
Date: June 6, 2022

Last week I passed in 1x! All thanks to the instructive and purposeful lessons of Erhan. Finding the right driving school is always difficult, but driving school Crossing comes up to all expectations. He is always patient when it goes a little less and he always gives hope again with his motivational words. The lessons are both theoretical and practical, you learn not only topics you need to know for the exam but also a in the real world. He is also quite rich in knowledge regarding the exam routes this also helps tremendously.

Author: ayse soylu
Rating: 5
Date: May 24, 2022

Erhan is a friendly and calm driving instructor. His lessons are goal-oriented: for each lesson you look at what skills you still need to develop to be able to drive a car properly and also to be able to successfully complete a CBR exam. I passed my driving test with a pleasant experience!

Author: Linn Widdershoven
Rating: 5
Date: May 3, 2022

The instructor is patient and very friendly. I passed without any fuss in 1 time partly due to the instructor’s skill. I am very satisfied with this driving school. Greetings Rached

Author: Rached B
Rating: 5
Date: April 20, 2022

Best teacher I could have ever wished for. Patient, clear and friendly. Definitely recommend.

Author: Joey
Rating: 5
Date: March 18, 2022

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