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The Driving School Compleet is located in the: New-West AmsterdamWest Amsterdam



Trial lesson of 60 minutes €50
Authority lesson of 60 minutes €55
10 driving lessons of 60 minutes paid in advance €500
Theory course €110

Advantage PACKAGES

Package: 15 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical test €1035
Package: 20 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical exam €1285
Package: 30 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical exam €1785
Package: 40 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical test €2285
Package: Refresher course of 10 hours €475


5 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical exam €535


5 driving lessons of 60 minutes and CBR practical test €550


Practical/rexamination CBR €285
Intermediate test (test conducted by the CBR) €230
BNOR test CBR €300
Theory exam €75
Phobic test €375

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✅ High success rate
✅ Experienced driving instructors
✅ No waiting times
✅ Tailor-made driving lessons
✅ Pay in installments
✅ Flexible hours


020-215 77 13

Jan Evertsenstraat 713, 1061 XZ Amsterdam

Driving School Compleet reviews

Personally, I highly recommend Verkeersschool Compleet to everyone! I have passed my Avb + Avd in 1 x. Thanks to the good lessons of Rashid, with the right instructions and tips.

It is a driving school where much time and attention is paid to the student. With me, they always kept their appointments. Motorcycles are ideal, especially the BMW motorcycles. You sit nice and high and can easily keep up with traffic.

Absolutely no regrets in my choice of this driving school. They are friendly and correct. Thanks for everything!

Author: Fouad
Rating: 5
Date: June 2, 2022

At the beginning of December I got my driver’s license in one go! The instructors of Verkeersschool Compleet are reliable, patient, very professional and clear in dealing with you. Definitely a must for your family / friends!

Author: Soufyan D
Rating: 5
Date: January 21, 2022

I took driving lessons here and passed my avd last week. I also got my avb from them.
The quality of the lessons is good, the instructors are very friendly but also straightforward. If you can’t do something you are told, if you are not ready for the exam you are told and if you had a good lesson you are told. Rachid and colleagues are real Amsterdammers in that respect.
Before and after the lessons they are very nice, friendly people who sometimes go the extra mile for you.
Tis a top driving school.

Author: Ahmed Kasmi
Rating: 5
Date: July 23, 2021

Month ago I got my avd at this driving school, without any suspicion I got a package at this driving school and then I could learn at my own pace, the owner of the driving school was always easy to reach by phone and always open and honest if you do something wrong or if you are not ready for it, never had any problems with canceling lessons, this was the case with me because I am zzp'r and sometimes I just couldn’t work out. Got lessons from 2 excellent instructors, who conveyed things well and clearly indicate what you need to pay attention to and what points can be improved, I describe this driving school as reliable, and certainly competent to people to recommend here to get your avb and avd, both obtained from this school, and always with great pleasure gelest. 100% recommend

Author: Regbha's Bouw klus- en multidiensten
Rating: 5
Date: April 14, 2021

Very nice driving school. Got my driver’s license in 9 lessons! Recent engines and very fine driving lessons that the instructors adapt to the candidate. Lots of laughs but also serious when needed. Got from the beginning a clear lesson plan and exam dates assigned. Easy to reach and even lessons on Sundays are possible!

Top guys are you definitely grateful and come soon to neighbor with mn motorttt!

Author: Quinten Nelstein
Rating: 5
Date: February 5, 2021

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