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The Driving School Adem is located in the: Westpoort Amsterdam


Course plus exam €125 €125 €125
Theory course only €79 €79 €79

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✅ You get your theory certificate in 1 day
✅ You have a success rate of 80%-100%.
✅ For car-, motor- and scooter theory
✅ The theory course is 100% practice-oriented
✅ We have locations throughout the Netherlands



Moezelhavenweg 29
1043 AM Amsterdam

Driving School Adem reviews

If you already have your car license and you’re going for your motorcycle it’s a great refresher. And if you specifically ask for some points for the motorcycle you will get them.

Author: Tim van Oers
Rating: 3
Date: June 11, 2022

Motorcycle theory after the theory day passed in one go! theory day was clear and quick and contained the right info to pass.

Author: Wessel Kleintjes
Rating: 5
Date: June 5, 2022

Real scam indeed.
They make an appointment for you for a certain date, without consultation, if your specified date is not available. And if it turns out that you can’t go then you’re still stuck with them. Because they can only move the exam and not cancel. So you can’t get a refund.
You respond online via: Theory Pro..where there are great reviews, but you end up dealing with this 2nd party: Breath driving school who totally fail to deliver what they promise.
Without informing you get indd to read through mail that it is a zoom course because it is supposedly all full.
Lunch and transportation to the CBR would also supposedly be arranged, which was not the case.
The course itself is also too sad for words.
I’m going to make a difference.

Author: Linda Louwerens
Rating: 1
Date: May 21, 2022

Pure scam. You pay 125 euros, it ends up being a zoom course that is also very flawed. NOWHERE on the site is it mentioned that it is a zoom course, the opposite is true. ‘We go to the CBR together, The CBR is always within walking distance of where we give the theory course’ money not returned of course. I am going to report, I encourage everyone to do the same, together we are strong. 1 star is 1 star too many.

Author: The Dutcher
Rating: 1
Date: May 15, 2022

Took theory course today through zoom. I had ordered a course for Motor but this was a class of car, scooter and motorcycle. The reason I am doing this course is because I already have a concentration problem, now I had to wait until half past 1 until the last part of motor would come up. Find it really very bad and am really not to speak about it!

Author: Sandy Overhorst
Rating: 1
Date: March 11, 2022

Together with my partner we booked 2x a motorcycle theory course (250 euros). corona didn’t allow for physical lessons, so we booked a zoom meeting. we both wanted physical lessons so we asked for our money back, but that wasn’t possible according to Adem rijscholen. in the end we went to the zoom meeting. the lesson turned out to be for scooter and car theory as well. in the end we learned very little about the motorcycle so we both failed our exams. we contacted adem rijscholen in advance about what to do if we fail…. They told us that you could do the course and exam again free of charge through them. now after the exam they say they never said that regarding the exam. bad business …

Author: Demi Veenschoten
Rating: 1
Date: February 26, 2022

Scheduled a course in late August, three months later it took place. The course was online and was mainly about car theory, while I came for my motorcycle. At the end, some questions were briefly covered, while in practice exams I got completely different questions. The student was very uninterested, way of training can also be done easily by yourself. Unfortunately failed, so this course is really useless. All in all a waste of money, I would definitely not recommend it.

Author: Laura van der Laan
Rating: 1
Date: January 5, 2022

I too have been in error with it! Dates on the site are not right, there can be no course plus exam that same week, but 4 months later!
but 4 months later!
Furthermore, you can not call them, only by
Just had an online course, went through all the questions at a fast pace, without explanation.
And of course failed! Money grab this!
People choose another one!!!

Author: Charlotte Bouman
Rating: 1
Date: December 21, 2021

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