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The Bromo Driving License is located in the: Westpoort Amsterdam


Theory Complete driving license Practice
€85 €465 €365
10 lessons (10x 90 min) 15 lessons (15x 90 min) 22 lessons (22x 90 min)
Unlimited classroom theory course Unlimited classroom theory course 4 practical lessons
Online practice exams Online practice exams Directly through for the practical exam
Passing guarantee | failed = free course again Including theory and practical exam To be divided over 1 or 2 days, at no extra charge!
Exclusive CBR theory exam Passing guarantee for theory Including CBR practical exam
4 practical lessons Use of scooter + scooter helmet
Use of scooter + scooter helmet Fastest CBR practice test date
Fastest CBR theory + practice exams €100,- discount for your car theory course in 2023.
€100,- discount for your car theory course in 2023.

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