Automaat Driving School

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The Automaat Driving School is located in the: West Amsterdam


10 hours x 55 €550
15 hours x 54 €810
20 hours x 53 €1060
30 hours x 52 €1560
40 hours x 51 €2040
50 hours x 50 €2500
Trial lesson ± 1,5 hour €50
Individual lesson 1 hour €58

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✅ Quality
✅ Personalized approach
✅ Environmentally friendly training car
✅ Structured lessons
✅ Patient and responsible instructor
✅ Possibility for fast training
✅ Flexible possibility to take lessons in the evening and weekend
✅ Friendly, skilled and experienced instructor
✅ Driving lessons in English, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic
✅ Smokefree car and non-smoking instructor
✅ Determine your own exam date and time
✅ Online theory learning possibility
✅ Being picked up and dropped off at home
✅ Fixed instructor
✅ Driving lessons of 60 minutes


0646 320 354

Jan van Galenstraat 153-3
1056BP Amsterdam

Automaat Driving School reviews

Great instructor with outstanding professionalism and attitude.

Turgut has great patience and maintains a calm and a friendly attitude all the time in lessons even when I repeated mistakes or made dangerous mistakes he was always calm, caring and explains clearly how to do better next time till I finally passed the exam :!cool:.

While he gave great advices on how to pass the exam he made sure I'm ready to drive on my own in general and with confidence, not only to just to pass the exam.

He is very punctual and picked me up and dropped me off always in time.

For me the lessons were always fun and I looked forward for the next lesson with him, while I'm happy I passed my exam I will definitely miss the lessons and the conversations

Author: abdelrahman nazeer
Rating: 5
Date: May 21, 2022

Best driving school in Amsterdam!
I knew nothing about cars and driving. I acctualy has fear of driving. Turgut guided me thought the whole process and I passed the exam at the secound attempt! Turgut is very experience and patient, and easy going. Really fun to drive with him. Highly recommended!

Author: Marta
Rating: 5
Date: June 12, 2021

Good driving school that focuses on automatic driving lessons. Nice instructor and nice car.

Author: Malina
Rating: 5
Date: November 4, 2020

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