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The AAK Rijopledingen is located in the: Center of AmsterdamWest Amsterdam


Auto Driving Packages

Package Name Description Prices
Re-examination Module 9 x 60 min.+ CBR re-examination ( only for re-examinations ) €635
Mini Module 10 x 60 min.+CBR exam €699
Module A 20 x 60 min.+ TTT +CBR exam €1475
Module B 25 x 60 min. +Theory Training + T.T.T. +CBR exam €1775
Module C 30 x 60 min.+ Theory Training+ T.T.T.+CBR exam €2025
Module D 35 x 60 min+Theory Training+T.T.T.+CBR exam €2270
Module E 40 x 60 min. +Theory Training +T.T.T. +CBR exam €2500
Module F 45 x 60 min+Theory Training+T.T.T.+CBR exam €2475

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✅ A qualified driving school since 1978
✅ Qualified driving instructors
✅ Individual adapted riding lessons package
✅ Large range of packages
✅ An advanced and contemporary teaching method
✅ Transparency and honesty, with excellent vehicles
✅ A driving school with a very high percentage of succession
✅ Affordable top quality


020-612 35 04

Overtoom 134 – 1054
HN Amsterdam

AAK Rijopledingen reviews

Passed in 1x by good lessons of Banu. With a good approach to the lessons by being strict in between when it was really necessary, but still every lesson was fun and enjoyable.

Author: OM Schlobach
Rating: 5
Date: March 22, 2022

Passed thanks to AAK and especially Banu! Had very nice lessons with her and learned a lot from her in a short time.

Author: Job Otten
Rating: 5
Date: February 25, 2022

Highly recommended. I had a very good experience with this driving school and passed my exam in the first go. All instructors are very friendly and competent, they tailor the lessons according to you. I took driving lessons from Ertan who is a great instructor! He not only helped me to be ready to pass the exam but also in any traffic situation. Today I received my license, and I am now feeling confident to go on the road.

Author: Gizem Gorcin
Rating: 5
Date: February 19, 2022

I had a great experience with this driving school and especially with my instructor Ethan. He was helpful, motivating, hard-working, and sometimes a little bit strict but trust me it helps a lot, so many many thanks to Ethan. I passed my exam the first time and it happened all because of the hard work and time Ethan invested in teaching me. Highly recommended ?

Author: Anna Soldatova
Rating: 5
Date: February 12, 2022

Want to pass in one go? With Saad as a comrade, you will never become a road pirate and be assured of good driving on the street. In 4 months from zero experience to driving license in, AAK is a must. Saad is always calm and constructive and also a nice guy, and his teaching skills are only matched by his singing talent. Look no further, take lessons with AAK and Saad.

Author: Sjoerd Ponstein
Rating: 5
Date: November 4, 2021

Excellent driving school. Saad was knowledgeable and patient and made sure I was well prepared and confident to take the exam. With his help I passed my motor driving test in one go.

Author: Mark Hodgins
Rating: 5
Date: October 27, 2021

Great experience! Passed my motor exam first try. Very good lessons and friendly people. Lots of attention to detail and very helpful. Thank you Sad!

Author: Floris Sijbesma
Rating: 5
Date: September 9, 2021

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